January 31, 2009


I really like scarves but I never know how to wear them. Friday I finally wore a scarf I've had for awhile now, and I think it worked out okay?

I don't know if it really shows in the picture, but the scarf has gold stripes throughout.

Underneath, I wore this Mickey Mouse t-shirt. I'm not usually big on Mickey shirts, but I love this one:

I just wish Beach Life was my reality.

I filed my taxes today, which was annoying, but I'm looking forward to my (very small) refund!

Is anyone interested in trading blog links? I'll link you, you link me ... let me know! =)

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

January 29, 2009

Work It!

In my quest for nice work clothes, I scored this J. Crew blouse for less than a buck:

The shirt had a few stains, but they came right out with my Clorox Bleach Pen. If you like to wear white clothing, the bleach pen is a miracle worker. It's also great for getting stains out of thrifted clothing, which was the main reason I bought it.

I was looking for a nice ruffled blouse, and I found it!

January 26, 2009


If I could magically be granted 3 wishes, I think one would be that my parents and aunts and uncles never gave away their '70s wardrobes ... I know that both of my parents and at least some of my relatives had sweet style, as old family pictures prove. Of course they didn't think it'd be worth it to hang on to articles of clothing, even sweet Bob Seger tour shirts, but, I would LOVE to get my hands on that collection.

One of the few shirts my mom did keep (her and my dad had matching ones, actually) is this '70s Jose Cuervo long sleeve raglan.

I used to wear it all the time and then stopped for a little bit, but I pulled it back out the other day. I love the graphic on the back.

Another shirt my mom kept is an old MASH shirt that says "Hot Lips"--I'll have to dig that one out, too.

Today I dressed up somewhat nicer for work, wearing the cardigan I posted yesterday over a button-up shirt, but the basis of the outfit was this t-shirt,

an old tri-blend Jerzees pocket tee that is really comfortable and that I got for super cheap. I tried to take a picture of the whole ensemble, but it came out blurry every single time.

So, did your parents have rad style way back when?

January 25, 2009


I was hoping to get to bed early tonight, but I just spent a good 20 minutes or so looking for a sweater that was in my dirty clothes hamper. I need to do laundry more often, I can't even remember the last time I actually wore the sweater. Anyway, the reason I was looking in the first place is, although I am VERY lucky in that my work does not have a dress code, I still feel like I should try and look presentable. I think I lasted two days before I showed up in a hoodie--what can I say, old habits die hard.

I bought this sweater a few weeks ago at a Salvation Army and finally wore it last week in an attempt to dress "nicer" for work. I really love it but I find it hard to match for some reason; it's sort of an off-white, and I am really weird about colors, particularly how certain jeans match certain shirts. I managed to make it work though.

The sweater is an old Hudson's brand, maybe late '70s?

I've been looking for nicer clothing at thrift stores so that I can slowly supplement my wardrobe. I did find one shirt that I'll post later this week.

Now I really do need to get to sleep, but I hope you had a great weekend! Feel free to tell me all about it.

January 24, 2009

Super Bowl

Right now I'm selling an old 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers jersey on eBay. The jersey is Champion brand. It's a really nice shirt and fits me well, but I'm not a huge NFL fan and figured I'd pass it on to someone who is, especially with the Steelers being in the Superbowl.

You can check out the auction here if you are interested.

Here are some pictures of the jersey:

I'm sorry for the terrible post, but I just got an iPhone and so I am a bit distracted =)
I promise I'll have a better post tomorrow!

By the way, is anyone on twitter? Add me: http://twitter.com/kristinkey

January 21, 2009

I really should be sleeping

I've been neglecting to take pictures of my outfits lately, but luckily I have some extra pics saved up on my computer for just this occasion. Here is a rad leather vest that I have yet to wear out in public:

I don't think I'd ever wear it buttoned up like that, but I just wanted to show how it looks.

I bought the vest to wear in the summer, but, what do you think? Does it work over a hoodie?

Opinions? Suggestions?

I need to go to sleep now, but Babylon A.D. is a really good movie.

January 19, 2009


I had a nice, long weekend. I keep thinking it's Sunday today, since I had the day off. On Sunday, Mat and I pretty much stayed in his bed all day watching movies. We watched about 4 movies in 24 hours (Hot Fuzz, The Baxter, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, and Ocean's Eleven) and ate Cheesy Taco Pizza Rolls (the best pizza rolls) and other junk. The perfect Sunday.

For it, I wore this shirt all day, which is actually Mat's:

It's an '87 motocross t-shirt. The same graphic is also on the back.

Today, we did some thrifting and ate Mexican food and then watched The Return of the Jedi. I wore this sweatshirt,

which is actually an '80s Le Tigre-brand sweatshirt. When you think about the shirts Le Tigre makes today, you can see why I had to buy this sweatshirt, even though it's a bit ill-fitting. I love it all the same. They just don't make 'em like they used to!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Feel free to tell me all about it!

January 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate & Ice Cream = Perfect Combo

It was an ungodly -13 degrees today, and since Mat is sick, I'm spending my Friday night bundled up in comfy clothes and with hot chocolate.

Here's what I wore to work the other day:

Vintage striped t-shirt. I like it because it's really long.

And here's what I'm wearing now (plus a sweatshirt!):

I'm guessing this jersey is from 1987, judging by the '87 on the sleeve. Brand is Bantams. I've actually had this shirt for a while now, but this is the first time I tried it on, and I'm surprised by how well it fits.

This week was my first week of working full-time! I love my job and I am so happy. I'm still relieved that it's the weekend, though! What's your weekend plans?

One last thing--A while back I posted about MOO cards. I got a code for new MOO customers to get 20% their first order. I just have to forward it to you, so if you would like the code, just leave your e-mail! The MOO Web site is: http://www.moo.com.

The quality of their products is so good. I'm really happy with my cards.

January 14, 2009

Hi Mat

This post is for you.

Here's a shirt I wore a little while back but forgot to post:

It's an '80s Levi's western, complete with pearl buttons.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

January 12, 2009

The Future is Now

I have no explanation, but Saturday night I felt like wearing my tuxedo t-shirt. It's a real tuxedo shirt from 1980, not a remake, so that makes it okay.

I started a new job today, in my desired field; no more food service for me! It's weird, but I feel like my life is finally starting... like everything else (school, etc.) was just preparation for a future that is now taking place. All through college I felt like I was waiting for something else to begin, but now it is finally here. I hope I can realize that this is my life and enjoy it to the fullest. "Growing up" has brought its share of problems, but I feel like I can finally start to relax and just, well, live my life.


January 10, 2009


There is so much snow here in Michigan. It snowed all night and is now snowing all day. The snow is probably the reason I sat around the house all day yesterday in this sweatshirt:

I'm pretty sure you can find this shirt in any form at any thrift store. I've seen the tank top, plain tee, and I own the ringer tee. I tried to find the screen cap of John C. Reilly wearing it in Step Brothers, but I failed. Whatever though, this shirt is pretty comfortable and compared to Michigan weather, I'm sure it is better in the Bahamas.

Here is a picture of the Hershey's hat I mentioned a few posts back:

I love the little Hershey's kisses!

I also wore this shirt yesterday, which I picked up at a thrift store forever ago. I'm pretty sure it's for Laguna Beach? I never watched the show, but it's my name, so I bought the shirt.

There's also lots of new items up in the Etsy shop, so take a peek!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Oh, and rent The Wackness if you get the chance, it's great.

January 9, 2009

808s & Heartbreak

For a long time I stopped following new music, but lately I've been listening to MGMT, the new Killers' album, Girl Talk, and Kayne's 808s & Heartbreak nonstop. Any other suggestions?

Yesterday I wore a long-sleeve camo pocket tee (recent purchase) over the most perfect gray t-shirt, ever. It's so unbelievably soft. '80s Sears brand.

I also listed a few new things in the Etsy shop recently:

1989 Rolling Stones tour t-shirt. It's not '70s Stones, sure, but it's still a pretty sweet shirt.

'80s sailor-style sweater. It's really pretty neat. Just excuse my face in that photo. Oh, and take a peek at my new leggings!

I'm going to try and do a massive Etsy update today and over the weekend. Monday I start working full time! I no longer work at Target. Instead, I am going to be an editorial intern for Cengage Learning, a publishing company here in Michigan. This is what I went to school for and what I want to do, so I am very, very excited. However, I am going to have less free time than I have grown accustomed to, so I want to get as many things up on Etsy as I can.

Happy Friday!

January 7, 2009

Girl Talk

My main goal for this week is to clean my room, which needs it badly. I'll post before/after pics when I'm done, so you can see how much of a disaster it has been. My room is also the "Thrifty Outfitters warehouse," so it's filled with clothes and totes and mess. I've been too busy to organize, but since I have nothing to do this week, I guess it's time to get to it! So here is my, "I'm eventually going to get off the computer and clean all day" outfit:

Yale Athletics sweatshirt I picked up recently for a quarter and AA leggings.

Here is a t-shirt I've had for a little while now but finally wore last night:

I'm so glad they finallllly came out with Poladroid for Windows (yeah, yeah, I use a PC!), so expect lots of fake Polaroids from now on! Mat actually does have a Polaroid, though, and lots of film left too, I think.

I finally listened to Girl Talk and, I can't lie--I dig it.

January 5, 2009

Electric Feel

I'm taking the easy way out today. The only thing vintage/thrifted in my outfit is my necklace,

but it's a pretty great necklace, and so I hope that makes up for it. I'm really tired today, and tired means lazy. Here's a closeup of the owl:

I love the color.

Mat's wearing an Atlanta Hawks shirt he got yesterday:

Notice how I left my Sonic cup in the corner. Cherry Limeade =) I love Sonic way too much.

Also, here is a quick shot of Mat's room:

That is only half of the rack and probably not even half of his clothing collection. The amount of clothing we have is obscene. No, really. I did buy a few more things today--an old KFC hat and a Guinness t-shirt--but the best find was at Marshall's, where I got the Members Only liquid leggings for less than a third of the retail price. I am so, so excited. I can't wait to wear them!

January 4, 2009


I've been wearing newer clothing the past few days, but the shirt I wore today was thrifted:

It's really, really soft--perfect for a Sunday. I also finally got lenses put in my glasses! They came in today, so I picked them up and wore them out. It's always weird getting new glasses and adjusting to the prescription, but this was even stranger, due to the size of the lenses. I'm getting used to them, though, and I love them, even though I look a lot like I did in elementary school! (Read: Dork)

Mat wore a shirt he screen printed a graphic on:

The hat was thrifted. (BTW, if you're interested, he can make you a shirt!)

We went out today and got a few things. Mat found me an old Hershey's hat with little chocolate kisses on it; I'll probably post pictures of that soon!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve

Hello! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year! I can't believe it's 2009. I'll have graduated high school 5 years ago this June. It's such a strange feeling! I still feel really young most of the time.

Did you make any resolutions? I have a few to keep in mind but I haven't really made any formal ones. I pretty much make the same ones every year, ha.

Here's what I wore on New Year's Eve:

The white shirt and the leather skirt are both thrifted.

Mat wore a vintage Christian Dior sweater:

Happy New Year!