January 12, 2009

The Future is Now

I have no explanation, but Saturday night I felt like wearing my tuxedo t-shirt. It's a real tuxedo shirt from 1980, not a remake, so that makes it okay.

I started a new job today, in my desired field; no more food service for me! It's weird, but I feel like my life is finally starting... like everything else (school, etc.) was just preparation for a future that is now taking place. All through college I felt like I was waiting for something else to begin, but now it is finally here. I hope I can realize that this is my life and enjoy it to the fullest. "Growing up" has brought its share of problems, but I feel like I can finally start to relax and just, well, live my life.



Emily said...

I can TOTALLY relate to you with completely horrid jobs, but I guess we all have to be there eventually. So congrats on finding a new one that suits you better!

Oh and p.s. That tee is hysterical! =)

My Daily Vintage said...

Especially food service! Or any sort of customer service, really. So thank you! Hopefully you don't have a terrible job right now, either! =)

petitgateau said...

i have a real tuxedo shirt too! but i cut mine into a tank top for some reason. so i have a tuxedo tank top. whatever that means!