January 7, 2009

Girl Talk

My main goal for this week is to clean my room, which needs it badly. I'll post before/after pics when I'm done, so you can see how much of a disaster it has been. My room is also the "Thrifty Outfitters warehouse," so it's filled with clothes and totes and mess. I've been too busy to organize, but since I have nothing to do this week, I guess it's time to get to it! So here is my, "I'm eventually going to get off the computer and clean all day" outfit:

Yale Athletics sweatshirt I picked up recently for a quarter and AA leggings.

Here is a t-shirt I've had for a little while now but finally wore last night:

I'm so glad they finallllly came out with Poladroid for Windows (yeah, yeah, I use a PC!), so expect lots of fake Polaroids from now on! Mat actually does have a Polaroid, though, and lots of film left too, I think.

I finally listened to Girl Talk and, I can't lie--I dig it.

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