January 19, 2009


I had a nice, long weekend. I keep thinking it's Sunday today, since I had the day off. On Sunday, Mat and I pretty much stayed in his bed all day watching movies. We watched about 4 movies in 24 hours (Hot Fuzz, The Baxter, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, and Ocean's Eleven) and ate Cheesy Taco Pizza Rolls (the best pizza rolls) and other junk. The perfect Sunday.

For it, I wore this shirt all day, which is actually Mat's:

It's an '87 motocross t-shirt. The same graphic is also on the back.

Today, we did some thrifting and ate Mexican food and then watched The Return of the Jedi. I wore this sweatshirt,

which is actually an '80s Le Tigre-brand sweatshirt. When you think about the shirts Le Tigre makes today, you can see why I had to buy this sweatshirt, even though it's a bit ill-fitting. I love it all the same. They just don't make 'em like they used to!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Feel free to tell me all about it!

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