January 26, 2009


If I could magically be granted 3 wishes, I think one would be that my parents and aunts and uncles never gave away their '70s wardrobes ... I know that both of my parents and at least some of my relatives had sweet style, as old family pictures prove. Of course they didn't think it'd be worth it to hang on to articles of clothing, even sweet Bob Seger tour shirts, but, I would LOVE to get my hands on that collection.

One of the few shirts my mom did keep (her and my dad had matching ones, actually) is this '70s Jose Cuervo long sleeve raglan.

I used to wear it all the time and then stopped for a little bit, but I pulled it back out the other day. I love the graphic on the back.

Another shirt my mom kept is an old MASH shirt that says "Hot Lips"--I'll have to dig that one out, too.

Today I dressed up somewhat nicer for work, wearing the cardigan I posted yesterday over a button-up shirt, but the basis of the outfit was this t-shirt,

an old tri-blend Jerzees pocket tee that is really comfortable and that I got for super cheap. I tried to take a picture of the whole ensemble, but it came out blurry every single time.

So, did your parents have rad style way back when?

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CRISTA said...

LOVING the old jose cuervo tee!!! I wish my parents never gave away their old stuff either!!! ehh.