November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Yo yo yo.

I have one shirt from my collection to share with you today, and a couple of shirts that will soon be up in the Etsy shop.

First, my shirt:

I like the pipe in the background! The shirt says "Touch the Earth" and is from the '70s.

Next, I will be selling this sweatshirt:

I originally bought it for myself, but it's time to let it go. I really like it, though--very '80s!

And lastly, this 1982 Blondie tour shirt:

I really like the style of this shirt and how it fits me, but sadly, I'm broke and need the money. There are three stripes on each sleeve, and the brand is The Knits!

Now I am off to work. Did anyone go shopping today? Did you get any good deals?

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a great day of eating and relaxing! Those are my plans, anyway. Possibly some Wii action. In the mean time....

I wore this shirt on Tuesday. It's a thermal Harley Davidson shirt. The sleeves are a little short but overall it fits pretty well, and the graphic on the back is sweet.

Also on Tuesday, Mat and I went out to a Value World, where I found this little number:

Help me decide what to do with this! I originally bought it to sell but, having tried it on, now I want to keep it! The fit is amazing. It was hard to photograph due to the flash, but the picture on the left is more accurate--it comes off more silver than black. The problem is, I just don't have anywhere to wear it, so maybe I should pass it on to someone who can make good use of it. It's just so fabulous, I don't want to let it go!

This shirt, however, is going up for sale in our shop:

I like the cat faces, it's cute.

That's about all for now, in terms of clothing. Look out for more posts this weekend! I'll be sharing what I wore for the holiday and my new AC/DC scarf, which isn't thrifted or vintage but is definitely a throwback.

Monday, Mat and I are planning a trip out to Lansing for some thrifting (and sushi), so hopefully we have lots of good finds to share. An average trip to the Salvation Army out there looks like this,

so I'm hoping it's a good day.

Until then, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Are any of you heading out tomorrow morning? If so, good luck! I'm staying in bed =)

November 25, 2008


This post is a bit overdue, but now it's time to catch up!
Here are some outfits from the weekend:

This is what I wore Saturday while watching the MSU game. If you know the outcome of the game, then you know that's all I have to say about that! I also have a white t-shirt with the exact same graphic.

When going out Saturday night, Mat wore one of the many westerns he purchased last week:

Please excuse my dirty camera!

He also brought out a shirt that has been in retirement for quite some time:

Mat used to wear this shirt all the time, so much so that it is completely see-through and full of holes. It is still an amazing shirt.

Sunday, I went to see TWILIGHT and wore this sweatshirt:

It's an '80s Remington Guns crew neck. It is so unbelievably soft and I love the graphic!

Speaking of Twilight, did anyone else see it this weekend? Thoughts? I, for one, was very pleased, and I thought they stuck pretty close to the book. But I know others have had different opinions. Feel free to share! Or your thoughts on the True Blood season finale... I was not happy about the ending!

How was your weekend?

Also, my sister turns 20 today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY! =)

November 21, 2008


I realize most 22-year-olds probably don't dress like little old ladies on the weekend, but I guess I am an exception.

First, though, my t-shirt for today:

As an MSU fan, I wouldn't normally wear a Michigan shirt, and I certainly wouldn't post it for all to see! But I actually want Michigan to win their game tomorrow, and so I am wearing this shirt. In general though, this shirt is super comfortable and good for a night of relaxing. It's an '80s Champion brand t-shirt and is super thin. When it comes to t-shirts, the thinner, the better.

Since it's late November in Michigan, and since I am always cold, I can't get by with just a t-shirt, so I'm wearing this sweatshirt:

I feel like a granny in this sweatshirt. I'm in a weird mood today though, and something about the graphic cheers me up. I probably own too many crew neck sweatshirts for my own good.

The only thing that could make this outfit better is my new glasses. I ordered some frames on Etsy awhile ago but haven't been able to afford lenses. Hopefully I'll be able to buy some soon now that I am working again. In the meantime, I'll just pretend:

Haha, sorry everyone, I am a nerd.

That's about all for today, but I am so glad it's the weekend! Is anyone else geeked about seeing Twilight? Sadly, I can't go tonight, but I will be seeing it! If you do see it, let me know how it is!

Tonight I should be watching Sukiyaki Western Django, and tomorrow possibly hanging out (and watching football!). What are your plans?

November 19, 2008

I just want to be OK...

I think I say this far too much, but here is another one of my favorite shirts:

It's so soft, and I love the color blue! It's from the '70s, Myrtle Beach (South Carolina). It's helping me to think warm thoughts on a cold day.

As promised, here are two finds from Monday's thrifting excursion, both of which will soon be up in our Etsy shop. First, this super cute yellow blouse:

It's from the '70s and is 100% polyester. I love the tie at the neck!

Second, I found this AMAZING tuxedo jacket. It could be worn by a guy or would also make a great coat for a lady, especially for holiday parties! I love the brocade pattern. This jacket is likely from the early '70s.

I've been feeling down lately, I think just from financial stress. These songs, however, are helping me out:
  • "Be OK" - Ingrid Michaelson
  • "You and I" - Ingrid Michaelson
  • "Three Little Birds" - Bob Marley
I highly recommend them! What songs help you out when you're down?

November 18, 2008


Yesterday's thrifting excursion was a rousing success. I picked up some items for myself and some for the shop. (Look for those tomorrow!)

Here's what I wore out:

A 1970s San Diego Chargers t-shirt. I will admit right now, I watch The Girls Next Door on E!, and Kendra is my favorite, so I was pretty happy when I found this shirt. Regardless of that, though, this shirt is pretty amazing. It's also a Champion blue bar,

meaning it has the Champion "blue bar" tag. Blue bar shirts are pretty valuable, especially old football jerseys.

Mat wore a blue western embroidered with white roses:

He also found at least ten westerns yesterday, all in amazing condition. Sadly, he couldn't buy them all, but he did pick up about half.

I also wore this hat:

I have a scarf to match, but I'll save that for another post. It's a knit grey beanie that reads "Property of Michigan State" and has a pom pom on the top. I collect vintage Michigan State apparel and have a pretty decent collection, so expect to see more MSU items popping up in this blog.

That's about all for today, but check back tomorrow to see some of my finds!

Also, if you have a blog and would like me to link to you, I'd love to!
I just ask that you return the favor. Leave me a comment with your blog's link, and I'll add it to my "Daily Reads" list.

Even if you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment! I'd love to know who reads this and what you think. =)

November 17, 2008

Weekend Recap

Here is the My Daily Vintage: Weekend Edition!

First, let me introduce the new face on my blog: my boyfriend, Mat.

Here's what Mat wore out Saturday. It's a pretty nice v-neck and has three stripes on each sleeve. We aren't sure of the brand, but the shirt is from the '70s.

What really makes the outfit, though, is his belt:

I can't even tell you how jealous I am of this belt. Had I beat him to it, it would have been mine. But it does look better on him. The Budweiser logo alternates with the text.

Sunday, Mat bought Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe for his PS3, and since we pretty much played it all day, we dressed for comfort (and slight hangovers).

1984 Detroit Tigers American League Champs t-shirt.

Batman t-shirt.

The Batman shirt is from a Taco Bell promo for the Michael Keaton Batman that came out in 1989. It's still in amazing condition. I was obviously repping for my favorite DC character. Which, can I just say, that game is so fun. Rent it if you have the chance or like fighting games. The graphics are amazing and the fighting is really fluid. It's pretty sweet.

Today we are heading out to some thrift stores, so hopefully I'll have some good finds to post this week. I am also on a mission for some cheap khakis, because I finally got a job!

For those of you who don't me, here's a quick back story:

I graduated from Michigan State in May with my B.A. in Professional Writing. Ideally, I want to get into book publishing and become an editor. Unfortunately, my job search hasn't been going anywhere. Since I'm pretty much out of money, and I have to start paying back my student loans next month, I've been applying everywhere. I finally got hired to work at a Starbucks at Target. It's seasonal for now, but hopefully I can stay on, and even if I can't, at least it's money for the holidays. Eventually I hope to get to San Francisco and break into publishing, but for the time being, I'm happy to work anywhere.

Well, that's about all for me. How was your weekend?

November 15, 2008

Don't Just Stand There, Hug Me!

Normally on Saturdays I'm decked out in Michigan State attire (alma mater!), but since there was no football game today, I changed things up a bit and wore this:

There really is no good reason for why I own this shirt. I just like it, and it's probably one of the most comfortable t-shirts I have. It's super soft and thin, and it just makes me feel good, which is nice on a rainy day like today. Shirt is from the '80s and the brand is Royal.

I'm also wearing this belt, which I thrifted:

It's brown leather with red roses.

I really love this belt, but I can't shake the problem I
have of wearing a brown belt with black shoes. I tend to just throw on my black Adidas Dragons every time I'm heading out the door, and so I fall back on a plain white belt. I'm trying to wear this belt more, though. It really is beautiful in person, so sorry for the crappy picture quality!

If you're looking for a good sweatshirt for the winter, this Maine sweatshirt will soon be posted in our Etsy shop:

The graphic is printed on a vintage Gold's Gym sweatshirt.

I also want to share my new MOO cards! They just arrived today.

I couldn't wait to open the box. They turned out beautifully:

If you aren't familiar with MOO printing, you should definitely check them out. They print business cards, note cards, greeting cards, etc. What's great about them is that you can use a different graphic or design on each one for no additional cost. Not to mention, they are full color and printed on high-quality paper. I am very pleased with the results and can't wait to start handing these out!

I hope everyone's weekend is going well! I'm hoping to go see Quantum of Solace tomorrow. Let me know what your plans are! =)

Also, get ready for a new face/torso on my blog. My boyfriend has decided to get in on the action and share his insane collection of shirts with you. I say insane because I'm pretty sure he could wear a different shirt every day of the year. So, keep checking back for more vintage!

November 14, 2008

Accessory Post

I'm not feeling very well today, but I'm determined to keep up with my posts, so here goes!

It's rainy and grey here today, so I'm gravitating toward clothes that are comfortable and warm. I'm wearing an '80s Jerzees Daytona Beach t-shirt, which is somewhat generic but extremely soft and the perfect color grey. It's keeping me cozy under my sweater.

I am also wearing my new snake belt:

This belt is awesome. I couldn't pass it up. My only concern is that it will fall apart on me; I can tell it has been worn frequently in the past, and the leather is wearing thin. However, I'm going to try and get as much use out of it as I can!

Speaking of belts, here is one that will be put up in my Etsy shop:

Though probably more appropriate for yesterday's sequin-oriented post, this belt is fabulous. It has hook/eye style closures in the back and would look great with a cute dress or for a night out.

Another accessory that will be soon be in the shop is:

The Scardigan.

What is a scardigan? Pretty much exactly as it sounds: a cross between a scarf and a cardigan. This little number acts as a scarf, but buttons up the front and also has two front pockets.

Last but not least, even though they aren't vintage, as a lover of all things Etsy I'd like to post my most recent purchases:

The "I Love My Bike" ring

Tiger Cupcake brooch

Both are from Bonnie Rue at Model Citizen.
Check out her shop for much better pics.

That's all for now, but I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Also, TGIF! =)

November 13, 2008


Today I'm wearing a vintage hoodie I picked up this week.

It's light yellow and reads "Tobermory, Canada."

It's pretty hard to find decent vintage hoodies, so I'm happy with this one! It's super comfortable, and, though the sleeves ar
e a little short, it fits me well.

Since my outfit is less than inspiring, I thought I'd post some of my favorite vintage items that I seldom get the chance to wear. Let me start by saying that when I am in a store, if something is glittery, shiny, sequined, or just plain outrageous, I am drawn to it. Most of the time I have to suppress my urges, because no matter how amazing the item might be, chances are I just won't wear it. I'm hoping this changes in the future, but for now, my sequin collection is limited. There is, however, one shirt that I refused to give up on:

This little number. It is amazing. I don't even mind the shoulder pads. I have yet to wear it out in public, but I know the day will come!

(My attempt at a non-flash shot)

I also have a matching sequin bag that I scored for 75% off of the already cheap price.

I love this bag almost as much as the shirt, but again, I rarely use it. I think I should just start bringing it everywhere I go. Some of the sequins are falling off toward the bottom, but it isn't too noticeable. It's a great bag with lots of space and lots of pockets.

My favorite item of this post though, is my 1960s coat.

I am in love with this coat. It makes me feel like royalty every time I wear it and transports me to another time, when glamour reigned supreme. However, I feel funny wearing such a beautiful coat with dirty jeans, and so it spends more time in my closet than outside.

Maybe I will make a New Year's resolution to put some of my "less practical" pieces into full effect. I think that sounds good.

On a side note, these:

are incredible. If you like s'mores, you have to find these. But beware--they are highly addicting!

That's all for today. It's Thursday, and for me that means good TV!
(Grey's Anatomy, The Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Testees!)

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave comments! I'd love to hear your thoughts.