January 10, 2009


There is so much snow here in Michigan. It snowed all night and is now snowing all day. The snow is probably the reason I sat around the house all day yesterday in this sweatshirt:

I'm pretty sure you can find this shirt in any form at any thrift store. I've seen the tank top, plain tee, and I own the ringer tee. I tried to find the screen cap of John C. Reilly wearing it in Step Brothers, but I failed. Whatever though, this shirt is pretty comfortable and compared to Michigan weather, I'm sure it is better in the Bahamas.

Here is a picture of the Hershey's hat I mentioned a few posts back:

I love the little Hershey's kisses!

I also wore this shirt yesterday, which I picked up at a thrift store forever ago. I'm pretty sure it's for Laguna Beach? I never watched the show, but it's my name, so I bought the shirt.

There's also lots of new items up in the Etsy shop, so take a peek!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Oh, and rent The Wackness if you get the chance, it's great.


Ana said...

Haha I love what you wrote about the Bahamas shirt. Nothing wrong with a lazy day. I wore my field hockey sweatshirt pretty much all last weekend.

Chester said...

Cute outfits!

My Daily Vintage said...

Thank you!