January 21, 2009

I really should be sleeping

I've been neglecting to take pictures of my outfits lately, but luckily I have some extra pics saved up on my computer for just this occasion. Here is a rad leather vest that I have yet to wear out in public:

I don't think I'd ever wear it buttoned up like that, but I just wanted to show how it looks.

I bought the vest to wear in the summer, but, what do you think? Does it work over a hoodie?

Opinions? Suggestions?

I need to go to sleep now, but Babylon A.D. is a really good movie.


CRISTA said...

i love that leather vest....it looks good either way!! that le tigre sweatshirt is pretty bad ass too!!!

My Daily Vintage said...

Thank you!

Emily said...

I love the way a black vest looks over a white beater! That's my favorite way to wear one. Or over a really girly dress, to bring out his-and-her elements, ya digg??