January 5, 2009

Electric Feel

I'm taking the easy way out today. The only thing vintage/thrifted in my outfit is my necklace,

but it's a pretty great necklace, and so I hope that makes up for it. I'm really tired today, and tired means lazy. Here's a closeup of the owl:

I love the color.

Mat's wearing an Atlanta Hawks shirt he got yesterday:

Notice how I left my Sonic cup in the corner. Cherry Limeade =) I love Sonic way too much.

Also, here is a quick shot of Mat's room:

That is only half of the rack and probably not even half of his clothing collection. The amount of clothing we have is obscene. No, really. I did buy a few more things today--an old KFC hat and a Guinness t-shirt--but the best find was at Marshall's, where I got the Members Only liquid leggings for less than a third of the retail price. I am so, so excited. I can't wait to wear them!


Emily said...

GAH! I love the owl =)


Anonymous said...

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