December 30, 2008

Story of my Life

I'm not even a basketball fan, but for some reason I am obsessed with this 1987 Lakers t-shirt Mat has:

So, needless to say, I was THRILLED to find this bad boy waiting for me at Value World on Sunday:

It's from 1992 but awesome. I love it.

Mat wore this shirt yesterday and took this photo from his new iPhone:

I can only say that I am insanely jealous and soon will have my own iPhone. His shirt is sweet, too, from the 1970s.

I also picked up a few other items the day I got the Lakers shirt, and I am sure I will post them soon. Mat managed to find a pair of Frye cowboy boots! Frye boots are my dream thrift store find. Unfortunately, they are his size, not mine. There are a few other things that top my list of dream finds, items that I would keep no matter how much I could get for them. That list includes:
  • AC/DC Tour shirt (1980s or older)
  • Prince Tour shirt ('80s)
  • David Bowie shirt ('80s or older)
  • Social Distortion t-shirt ('80s or older)
  • Queen t-shirt ('80s or older)
Finding any of those items would pretty much make my life. What about you--what tops your dream list?

Oh yeah, and:

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Anonymous said...

yeah, i'm pretty sure my aunt kathy has a few authentic prince tour shirts, from when she use to go to his concerts... lmao. she is OBSESSED with him. every day i read your blog and every day i say i need to go thrifting bc i get jealous of what you find. i need to come home already so we can have a nice little shopping trip.

My Daily Vintage said...

Ah! I'm so jealous. That's awesome. They sell for a lot but it'd be sweet to have one. Next time you come home by yourself we will for sure go!

Anonymous said...

Keep working ,great job!