December 18, 2008

New Shirts

Here's some new items Mat and I picked up this week that will be for sale TOMORROW NIGHT at the Crofoot!

From left to right:
1970s Sweater; 1989 Detroit Tigers Sweatshirt; 1980s Sequin Shirt; 1980s Lacoste Cardigan

Michigan State Jacket; Trout Sweater; 1978 Spiderman T-Shirt; 1980s Levi's Olympics Track Jacket

And I saved the best for last....

A Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Shirt! A-mazing.

Click any of the pictures for a larger view!


Emily said...

That Fresh Prince shirt is hilarious!! And yeah, the call center stinks. But yeah a Nordstrom discount would be nice! Hopefully they'll call.

Anonymous said...

i cannot believe you are giving up a MSU shirt... lol

My Daily Vintage said...

Sara: I know! To be honest ... part of me still wants to keep it, haha, but I just don't know if I'd wear it!