November 21, 2008


I realize most 22-year-olds probably don't dress like little old ladies on the weekend, but I guess I am an exception.

First, though, my t-shirt for today:

As an MSU fan, I wouldn't normally wear a Michigan shirt, and I certainly wouldn't post it for all to see! But I actually want Michigan to win their game tomorrow, and so I am wearing this shirt. In general though, this shirt is super comfortable and good for a night of relaxing. It's an '80s Champion brand t-shirt and is super thin. When it comes to t-shirts, the thinner, the better.

Since it's late November in Michigan, and since I am always cold, I can't get by with just a t-shirt, so I'm wearing this sweatshirt:

I feel like a granny in this sweatshirt. I'm in a weird mood today though, and something about the graphic cheers me up. I probably own too many crew neck sweatshirts for my own good.

The only thing that could make this outfit better is my new glasses. I ordered some frames on Etsy awhile ago but haven't been able to afford lenses. Hopefully I'll be able to buy some soon now that I am working again. In the meantime, I'll just pretend:

Haha, sorry everyone, I am a nerd.

That's about all for today, but I am so glad it's the weekend! Is anyone else geeked about seeing Twilight? Sadly, I can't go tonight, but I will be seeing it! If you do see it, let me know how it is!

Tonight I should be watching Sukiyaki Western Django, and tomorrow possibly hanging out (and watching football!). What are your plans?

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you need a new post baby