March 24, 2009


I apologize for the lapse in posts. To be honest, I have been contemplating the future of this blog. I recently created an account on Tumblr and am considering merging this blog with that one. I just don't have the time for detailed posts, and so I like Tumblr's functionality. I'm still debating, but I have a feeling this blog will eventually become obsolete.

In the mean time, here's an '80s sweatshirt for a liquor store:

Close-up of the logo:

Do any of you use Tumblr? If so, send me your links!

Check out my Tumblr blog at:


Lisa said...

I love tumblr! The layouts are simple and great for quick updates. Mine is:

Also, I am way jealous of your wardrobe. The leggings, especially. :)

My Daily Vintage said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know if I can handle looking at your tumblr because your food posts are making me way too jealous! That omelette thing looks amaaazing. How did you end up in Korea?