March 18, 2009

The times, they are a-changing...

Spring is definitely on the way, and I could not be happier (although, living in Michigan, I know not to get my hopes up!). I cannot wait for bike rides and Slurpees/tall cans of Arizona Green Tea every day.

Since this blog is about clothing and not the weather, here is a 1980s Kings Island t-shirt:

I neglected this shirt for a little while but recently rediscovered it. I love the graphic! For those of you unfamiliar with Kings Island, it's a U.S. theme park (although I've never been there).

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day and is fully recovered.

One exciting bit of information: If you know me, you know that I do not yet have my driver's license. I hate driving, to be honest, and am just nervous to take the test. However, I FINALLY scheduled my road test, so I will be taking it on April 4. This is a big deal for me and for the people who will no longer have to chauffeur me everywhere, haha, so, yeah.

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