March 5, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle...*

It is 50 degrees out right now and, compared to how the rest of the week has been, it feels effing amazing. With all the snow melted, I really do want to go for a bike ride, but for now I'll settle for this cycling-related t-shirt:

I love this shirt. The graphics are awesome, the colors are perfect, and it is unbelievably soft. Circa 1990.

Back view:

I love that font!

I rode my bike constantly over the summer, and as soon as the weather starts to get consistently warmer, I can't wait to ride it again. It looks so sad and lonely sitting in my garage.

I mean, check this beauty out!

I have a different seat now, though (Fuji!), and so it looks even better. My bike is a former 10-speed 1970s Schwinn Sportabout turned single speed. I bought it off of eBay a few summers ago, and it is still in amazing condition. Some minor work has been done but overall it is a solid ride. I need to move somewhere warmer so I can ride my bike every day!

I have a few good bike jerseys I've found at thrift stores that I'm sure I'll get around to posting eventually, and Mat has an awesome collection of vintage jerseys, including a Nike cycling tank top.

Who's got love for their bike?

*I was singing Queen, by the way, in case you couldn't tell.


Kristen said...

I would have never guessed you would even have a vintage ride. ;) I've got love for my bike, too! I think it's a 2005 model though.

Charmaine said...

love the neon print!

Anonymous said...

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