February 21, 2009

Winter Blues

It is snowing like crazy right now and I am less than thrilled about it. Hopefully spring is just around the corner .... I miss riding my bike!

Anyway, here are two of the shirts I got in Lansing last Monday:

I'd been looking for a decent leopard cardigan for awhile, and I think I succeeded with this one. Not vintage, but for 3 bucks, you can't beat the price!

I tried to post this last night, but the program I was using to post from my iPhone seemed to stop working, so, here you go:

I also have to post this pic of Kate Beckinsale because now I need a leather dress in my life.

Amazing. I was hoping to do some thrifting today but the weather might alter my plans. We haven't been going that much lately because a, I barely have the room for new clothes and b, I'm trying to save my money for other things, but I can only hold out for so long!

If you like martial arts movies, or you like Ong Bak or The Protector, then definitely check out Chocolate.

It's basically about an autistic girl who eats M&M's and kicks ass. It's not very strong on plot points, but the fight scenes are great. Definitely check it out.

We also watched The Host last night,

which was pretty good, as well.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Any fun plans?

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Marilla said...

Ahh I love that leather dress! I've been wanting a long leather skirt for ages now. And that leopard cardigan rocks for $3 bucks!