February 22, 2009


I can't get over how rad this shirt is. It fits like a glove, is supersuper thin, and the graphic speaks for itself. I'm not even a huge Alice Cooper fan or anything (although my mom was at my age!), but as far as t-shirts go, this is one of my best finds. It's got a few small holes but, since I'm keeping it for myself, who cares.

Here's a close-up of the graphic so you can actually see where it says Alice Cooper:

And also a picture of the tag:

I should also point out that the colors on the print are neon in real life. I am in serious love with this shirt.

Mat and I went thrifting today but unfortunately didn't have any good finds. There was this decent leather jacket,

but the price was ridiculous, and Mat's jacket collection is pretty well-stocked as is. I also found a fucking amazing LEATHER SKORT but unforch it didn't fit over my butt. Maybe next time.

We started our day by eating SONIC, which is a favorite pastime of mine (and an excellent hangover cure, if I might add).

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, back to another work week...


Emily said...

Okay 1) That shirt is indeed fabulous and hilarious, and 2) I heart Sonic! Yummm

My Daily Vintage said...

meeee too, i am a woman obsessed! haha. tater tots and cherry limeade, match made in heaven.