February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! I was lucky growing up in that my parents weren't religious, so I never had to give up anything for lent. I was, however, all for a day celebrating gluttony, but, to be honest, that's pretty much an average day for me.

Today I wore an '80s Cedar Point shirt (if you aren't familiar with it, Cedar Point is an amusement park in Ohio).

The shirt is super soft. We actually own two of the same shirt, one of which is for sale, if you're interested. You can find the shirt on our MySpace (check the "Places of Interest" album). I believe both shirts are a Medium. Message us for more info.

Also, Joaquin Phoenix is going to be making some guest appearances on the blog. Here he is rocking a vintage Black Lake t-shirt:

What a stud.

(Just kidding, Mat. You > Joaquin)


Anonymous said...

lmao i can't believe you pointed that out about mat and crazy phoenix... that's awesome.

Kristen said...

My boyfriend never reads my blog, so I sometimes say silly stuff about him just to see if he notices.

My Daily Vintage said...

mine actually does read it sometimes, and i don't think he will be too happy that i wrote that hahaha

Anonymous said...

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