February 18, 2009


I got my laptop back today! The problem was in the display, so I didn't have to lose any data (thank goodness!). Also, luckily I was still under warranty, because I guess the cost to repair it would have been more than the cost of the computer. So, thank you to my parents for having the wisdom to purchase a 3-year warranty when they first got me this laptop. Everything picked up right where I left off. It feels so good to have it back =)

Anyway! Enough of my rambling about computers and onto the vintage. As aforementioned, Mat and I took a trip up to Lansing on Monday, and we made out pretty well. I got this sweatshirt:

'80s Sportswear, super comfortable and I love how the cuffs on the sleeves are a different color.

Our other finds included a '70s Coke shirt, a couple of '80s Cedar Point shirts (one that we already have--that's how you know you go thrifting too often/have too many clothes!), an '80s Michigan State hoodie, a sweet '80s sleeveless Florida shirt, a leopard cardigan, and, the best find of all, an AUTHENTIC vintage Alice Cooper ringer tee! Expect pictures of that one soon, it is too good to be true.

On the way back, we stopped at Tanger Outlets and I got these cute Nikes for only 25 bucks:

They are really pink in person. I love them!

Every time we go to Lansing, we have lunch at our favorite sushi place, Omi. When I was going to school at Michigan State, we ate at Omi every single weekend (and sometimes twice in a weekend!). Now that I'm back home, we start to go through withdrawals and make the trip every few months or so, going to thrift stores to make a day out of it. Let me just say, Omi is the BEST sushi restaurant, ever. We have tried numerous other restaurants but seriously, nothing compares. Their portions are right and the prices are cheap, but what really does it is the spicy sauce; we have yet to find a sauce as delicious as theirs. If you have any sushi recommendations, please share them, but if you are ever in the Lansing area, definitely go to Omi!

I should also mention that every time we go we eat ourselves silly, even when we were going every weekend. After a salad (their ginger dressing is also one of the best!), we each had a piece of eel:

and then the main course:

That's two spicy California rolls on the left, and on the right, a red dragon roll (shrimp tempura roll with tuna and spicy sauce) and a tiger roll (spicy tuna with shrimp and eel). Uuughhh. I am drooling just looking at those pics. I could eat that meal for the rest of my life and be very, very happy.

This week is going by fast since I had Monday off, I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday, and even better, pay day!


Kristen said...

There are so many great sushi places in East Lansing/Okemos! I agree Omi has great food, but I think their service is some of the worst in the area. :-\ I like Sushi-Ya (haven't tried them since they moved to the new location though) and Sansu. Also, Akagi is a little family-owned sushi place in Okemos and it is VERY reasonably priced and the food is good -- the menu is just smaller. Makes me wish I was still in the area to take advantage of all the fantastic sushi!!

My Daily Vintage said...

Of those places, we've tried Sansu, which was pretty good but ... I just love Omi! haha. Is Akagi kind of newer, on the way to Meridian Mall? There was one over there I wanted to try but never got around to it. I also wanted to try Ukai's sushi, but I never got around to that, either! I'm sure you are surrounded by sushi now, though! Have you found any good places?

Kristen said...

Akagi is in a little shopping plaza between Meridian Mall and Wal-Mart: http://www.yelp.com/biz/akagi-japanese-restaurant-okemos I think Ukai is the only place in town I haven't tried! AI Fusion is good, too (they have the same owners as Ukai). I went there for my graduation party.

Of course there are good sushi places here! It's more expensive than the Midwest, unfortunately. I definitely miss the Omi Maki roll though....YUM! One of the best house rolls EVER.

emma said...

Next time you come up you should try AI Fusion. It's owned by the people who own Ukai, and they specialize in amazing sushi. Everything I've tried so far has been great. It's in that little plaza by the intersection of Grand River and Hagadorn, accross the street from Coral Gables.